Friday, February 16, 2007

Aussies No Longer the favorites for the World Cup

Well, the mighty giant is now being conquered and it is with much gladness in my heart that I say that the Aussies are no longer the favorites for this World Cup in the Caribbean.

Following three successive defeats against …. ENGLAND of all teams and now crushing defeat against the Kiwis they are looking rather ordinary now. Losing 3 matches in succession to a team such as England who had earned the status of being the worst one day outfit ahead of only Zimbabwe and Bangladesh will certainly be too much for Ponting and his men must be tearing their hair out.

After the exit of Warne and Gillespie their bowling attack looks very docile. It comes to a point that they at times actually consider Andrew Symonds and Michel Clark to be their top class spinners. So things are looking down for the Aussies right now and that is a good thing for cricket.

South Africa is looking like the team to beat at the moment. They possess probably the most lethal bowling attack combined with attacking batsmen. Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India and New Zealand are also looking good and getting into shape well in time for the World Cup. So this times Caribbean show down is going to be a competition to remember.