Sunday, June 15, 2008

SLT IP TV – a real revolution in entertainment in Sri Lanka

Went for the launch of SLT IP TV yesterday, and was certainly blown away by what they offer.

In addition to the standard Live TV they offer Time Shift TV where you can go back and watch programs that you missed, with options to rewind or fast forward at any point of time. Further the video on demand facility where you can pick a movie which you would like to watch is something new to pay TV in Sri Lanka.

The picture quality wasn’t that great, but I was told that this was due to the fact that it was still in the phase of testing.

Additional perks include the fact that you can watch TV even when it’s raining (a big draw back of satellite TV).

Dates for commercial launch haven’t been finalized yet apparently. They promise that the installation fee (set up box and router) will cost less than the satellite dish and set up box installation fee. Rentals also are to be lower than the satellite TV rates at present.

So they seem to be offering one heck of a deal and Dialog TV will have to conjure up something serious now to stay in business. This will be tough for DTV with the limitations of satellite broadcasting.

The launch is on at the BMICH for a couple more days I think. So if you’re in the vicinity just pop by and take a look.


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Wow, that sounds a real evolution in the TV arena. Technology sure is advancing at a fast pace wonder what other marvels will come up?

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