Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Five Greatest Voices of Our Times

Just thought of dropping a list of the five greatest voices of our time. This list is very much my opinion and is as per my taste in music. Here goes…
1. Andrea Bocelli: Andrea Bocelli possesses one of the most stunning voices to have been heard on the face of this earth. He doesn’t boast the raw power of Pavarotti or Domingo, but has a supreme sense of control of his vocal chords which is unmatched by far. He can sing the highest of notes in the softest of voices and can open out beautifully when needed. He also possesses a stunning range which can start from a bottom E to a high C.
He made a good move by doing more popular music in the recent past, exhibiting the virtues of his voice to a wider audience. The beauty of his voice when singing the simplest of songs (e.g. Can’t help falling in love with you) brings out the purity, subtlety and power in his voice. It will be some time perhaps even eternity before a voice like his graces this earth.

2. Luciano Pavarotti: I needn’t say much about the great man. But he had a voice that could stop traffic or stop your heart. He had amazing power and control and was an easy choice for any conductor despite his inability to sight read. He left a huge mark on the music industry and will be remembered as a legend.

His rendition of pop music however was not so subtle. He made a regular ass of himself singing with cheap-stakes like the Spice Girls etc. However he managed to get closer to a huge audience around the world. This was something his contemporary greats Domingo and Carreras didn’t manage due to sticking to the music they loved.

3. Frank Sinatra: Many say that his is the greatest voice that the pop music industry has ever heard. I believe this is so up to the point that Andrea Bocelli walked in to the pop scene. Sinatra does have an endearing voice that has all the attributes of a great singer. He was a solid performer live and his music will remain legendary for years to come.

4. Bruce Dickinson: The Iron Maiden front man has a freakish voice with the ability of pitching extremely high notes without singing falsetto or screaming. Few metal vocalists will boast of this virtue. He also delivers quality every time he sings live. In addition to being an energetic powerhouse on stage he sings those timeless high melodies with startling finesse.

5. Warrell Dane: One of the most compellingly raw voices rock n roll has ever heard. Being the voice for the powerful music composed by Nevermore is not easy, but Dane delivers with mind boggling ease. He hardly ever has to growl or scream to portray power. Listening to him singing their heart stopping melodies is like experiencing a different world.

He is however too drunk or stoned to sing with any sense of accuracy on stage at most times. His greatness is limited very much to his delivery at the studio. However even this inhibiting factor doesn’t take away from the power of his voice.

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