Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sri Lanka vs India - Head to Head

The 23rd of March will mark Sri Lanka’s first major World Cup challenge as they take on India. It’ll be interesting to take a look at how the teams look head to head. Instead of their past won/lost ratio here’s a comparison of the players. Both teams batting order could change, but this gives a general view of how well the batsmen from both teams have performed. Pay particular attention to the averages away from home.

Batting Averages

It looks like India has the clear upper hand with the bat. Chamara Silva’s average overseas will be slightly blown out with his unbeaten century in India. The following is a head to head with the ball.

Bowling Averages

This is where Sri Lanka has some advantage. Though we are weaker with the bat we are a much better rounded side considering our batting and bowling strength as a whole. India’s weak link is their 5th bowler (this is probably something our batsmen need to make use of). Tendulkar has been names here as the 5th bowler, but it’ll probably include Virandar Sehwag and Yuvraj as well. Both these guys bowling average is nothing much to talk about, so Jayasuriya clearly is a much more advantageous bowler to have. We have to take into account the possibility that Irfan Pathan might play at the expense of one of the fast men or probably of Dinesh Karthik. The latter option will probably beef up India’s bowling.

Summing things up, One Day cricket is all about who performs better on the given day, in which case these statistics will get thrown out the window. The stats however give us a clear view of how strong the teams and individuals themselves are. If our top order fires, we’re in with a good chance. If not we could be in for serious trouble.

The last World Cup encounter between these two teams was in 1999 in Taunton. We received a thorough pasting in that game at the hands of the Indians. They scored 370 odd runs with Ganguly and Dravid making big hundreds.

Sri Lanka need to take things step by step, beating Bangladesh and Bermuda will assure them of a place in the Super 8. So they need to make sure they do that. Beating the Indians would however will add some more confidence and boost our guys to take on the big guns to come.

Source of Statistics - Cricinfo Statsguru -


Voice in Colombo said...

Very good analysis. I also believe, India is having a slight advantage in batting line up. But, past evidence (in India Vs Sri lanka matches) shows that if we get rid of their openers very soon, the rest of the line up will fall pretty quickly. For example, in 1999 world cup, it was the openers who did the damage. And if you recall 1996 semi-final, once the openers were dismissed the rest of the line up fell very quickly. There were so many India Vs Sri Lanka matches in the past, with the same fate.

So, Vass back in the attack (and hopefully with his full rythem) we can expect few quick wickets in the first 10 overs. He's proven for that!

So far, I'm not putting my money on any side. It's a 50 - 50 match. (Not only number of overs :-) )

But, let's hope that our guy's put the best of efforts on 23rd

sittingnut said...

good post
of course avg are avgs. perhaps if we get the avgs of last 10-20 matches instead of full career for each player we may get a better idea of current status.
btw result of this match will be counted in group of 8 stage if we and india go through.