Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sri Lanka's top four...Cause for concern

The Sri Lankans nearly pulled a rabbit out of the hat against the South Africans, with Malinga proving that he is a freak of a bowler who'll tear you apart when you least expect it. He and his fellow bowlers would have sunk the South Africans easily had our batsmen put something decent on the board.

Our batting woes have shifted from the middle order to the top order. In the last four games against a quality opposition, none of our top four batsmen have scored more than 50 runs apart from the 60 odd scored by Tharanga against India at Trinidad.

Putting a finger on the problem is difficult. Mahela is having a horrendous run and probably should consider dropping down the order. If he wasn't the captain his batting slot could actually have been taken by Atapattu. The rest of the middle order is doing too well to knock them out for Attapattu.

Our next game against the Windies will be a test and a must win in the context of the oppositions to come.

Our bowlers have done very well in the recent past, washing away many of our batsmens sins. The pitches to come don't promise to be as good for our kind of play as it was in Guyanna.

Well done Malinga, Murali and Vaas!!

Sana, Upul, Mahela and guys need to rise to the occassion put something on the board for our craftsmen and devil to bowl at.


Anonymous said...

Apparently now we do have an element of surprise after the heroics by Malinga. ( see your previous blog post )

Hope there will be more surprises in the times to come. :-)

Anonymous said...

Malinga is no freak. He has an unusual bowling action but so did Thommo!

Mahela is still learning as a captain and his decison to bat first along with delaying the intro of the spinners didn't work. More worrying is his recent lack of form with the bat. This seems to happen to him more often than not and is why I think captaincy is too great a burden for him in the long run.

It would upset things too much and is a huge gamble at this stage but, the other option is to bring Atapattu back as captain and batsman in place of Mahela. He would handle the pressure better as a captain. Not sure he would necessarily score more; at least he may stick around so others can bat around him; and make better tactical decisions in the field.