Sunday, April 8, 2007

South African commentators in poor taste

It was disappointing to see Barry Richards and Daryll Cullinan – South Africa’s key commentators for this World Cup offering pitiful excuses for their defeat and demeaning Bangladesh’s victory.

Richards said that the South Africans were unhappy due to poor facilities being provided for practice which caused low morale and resulted in a defeat. Cullinan went on to say that the Bangladeshi’s won by luck which I thought was a pathetic statement.

India’s Sivaramakrishnan and Manjerekar were much more gracious in giving a verdict on India’s defeat to the Bangladeshi’s.

Richards who seemed to be an unbiased well rounded commentator suddenly has become like the Ian Botham of South Africa. These guys are after all the voice of their country in this World Cup.


Anonymous said...

"South African batting great Barry Richards, who was in Guyana as a television commentator, said there was friction within the squad.

"It's not a happy South African camp, and maybe they took it a bit lightly," Richards said.

"I don't think it's as happy a camp as what it could be -- in terms of where they are staying and what to do (when not playing). All that eats away at you.

"Australia had three days off, the team got away, so you don't feel you are in a camp. South Africa didn't do that.

"There has been criticism of the team. There was Jacques Kallis and his run-rate against Australia. There has been talk the big teams are going to target Shaun Pollock. Andre Nel was a bit grumpy at not playing. "


RC59Group said...

Not everyone can accept defeat like gentlemen. Even some gentlemen find it difficult to achieve that, these days.

Anonymous said...

The responses of these commentators are typical of persons with superiority complexes. It must be especially painful for them since the comprehensive drubbing their team received was at the hands of the Babes of Test Cricket.

jj said...

Good to read something actually about the cricket. Tired of all the over the top political stuff.

By the way, any Sri Lankans who can afford to go to the Carribean, it is worth the trip. I know friends here in Australia who have been on a special cricket tour to the Carribean when Australia was playing against the West Indies, and the way they describe it it is a once in a life time experience. Shame the West Indies have gone downhill in the last decade, because that would have certainly spiced things up a bit.

South Africa with so much promise has also been through turbulent times.

Lets hope Bangladesh will help bring a fresh face to cricket and make the other teams take a good hard look at themselves.

Read somewhere that Whatmore may consider coaching India if he was offered the opportunity...that would also help lift the game up.

Greg Chappell is back in Oz.....!

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